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We help businesses of all sizes find their target audience and make custom campaigns that fit you perfectly.

Top Search Engine Marketing Agency Experience

With over 20 years KeywordGuys have provided professional paid search engine marketing and search engine optimization & online marketing experience that delivers for our clients.

We have created and managed numerous successful online marketing campaigns that focus on ROI-based and performance brand based advertising for numerous fortune 500 e-commerce merchants, and small business alike.

Purposely focused exclisuvely on Search Engine Marketing, we are experts in Paid Seach, SEO, Local Search, Google Analytics and search marketing consulting. We know how to build smart, effective search marketing strategies that get results.

Local & Organic SEO Optimization

• Our team is made of experts in the SEO field
• We will get your website ranked on top search engines, like Google
• We are able to optimize your site for local searches
• Organic SEO optimization helps you rank at the top of search engine results pages

PPC - Pay Per Click Marketing

• Ensures that your ads show up when people search the internet
• Allows you to put in what keywords and phrases you want your ads to appear for
• Comes with a cost per click pricing structure so it doesn't matter how often someone clicks on your ad, only the amount of impressions it gets determines its profitability

Internet Marketing Strategies

• Develop an effective website strategy to grow your business
• Understand how people are searching for your product/service online
• Learn what you should be aware of in order to get the most out of search engines
• Discover new tactics and strategies that can help drive more traffic to your site

Google Analytics, Reporting

• Gain insights about your business
• Monitor the data that matters to you
• Compare and contrast different aspects of your marketing or site performance to find success.
• Huge variety of reporting options

ECommerce Marketing

• Increase your sales by marketing to the correct customer
• Develop a targeted and personalized marketing strategy for your eCommerce business
• Maximize your profits with ad campaigns that get you more visitors, traffic, leads and customers

Consulting Help & Support

• We offer a free consultation to go over what you need
• In-person support for organizations that want face-to-face help
• Intelligent and detailed feedback can be found in our reports
• Get your marketing questions answered in a timely manner

Successful Online Marketing with Great Companies of All Sizes

For 20+ years KeywordGuys have created and managed numerous successful online marketing campaigns that focus on ROI-based and performance brand based advertising for numerous fortune 500 e-commerce merchants:

Jobs In Sports, NAFC Trainer, Wynn Resorts, Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club, M&M’s World, Ford, JC Penney, GM, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz as well as Wyndham Vacation Resorts, 1800hotels and among several other brand names and products as well as several medium-sized businesses and we also have worked with numerous smaller mom & pop businesses as well.

Does This Sound Like Your Search Marketing Situation?

Numerous hours of planning and design went into creating the exact look and feel that matches your brand but you have little or no paid [ppc] or [seo] organic website traffic. You finally installed Google Analytics and your reports show very little significant visitor traffic and there are no key performance indicators [kpi] of website traffic trends and you are left wondering where will it go from here and why your website is just not getting any traffic that converts into sales or leads?

Tips for Better Website, SEO and PPC Performance:

Are you tracking your eCommerce transactions properly? Do you have questions about Google Analytics? Have you linked your Google Adwords campaigns to your Google Analytics profile? Are your Adwords campaigns losing revenue and not performing up to speed?

Are you wondering where you can you find a professional yet affordable SEO or PPC company that delivers professional SEO and PPC internet marketing results that match your budget?

How you can jump start your company PPC or SEO Marketing campaigns and how you can get the most return on your ad spend [ROAS]?

This is where can help. will jump start your marketing engine that powers your brand.


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